What will be the terms of order ?
Order manufacturing start on after 10 days of order placing date.

Manufacturing Capacity ?
We make 150-200 Pcs. daily of particular design or mix design.

Packing and Packing Discount ?
1. We cannot charge of Packing as your schedule if you order us minimum 200 pairs.
2. One single design in assorted colour of thousand (1000) pairs we give 10% discount.

What is the minimum order that we can place ?
Minimum orders must be of 10 Pcs of Juicer Mixer Grinder and a minimum of 20 Pcs. of Mixer Grinder..

What are your Bank Particulars ?
A/c No. & SWIFT No. FOR BANK TRANSFER is available on request.

How much time will taken to get my order ?
After payment transfer to our account smaller order are sent in 10-15 days by speed post / DHL / Air way. Bigger orders can be sent by air in 4-8 weeks time.

How to get a sample before Ordering?
To get the sample, please provide us the necessary details like Cat. No., Item Name with specifications. You are also requested to submit advance money in our account.

What will be the terms and conditions for exports?


Rates quoted are FOB DELHI in U.S. Dollars






Can be sent Against paymet by Air.


100% advance via Wire Transfer.


Will be supplied in air worthy Packing.


At the time of supply if any will be born by you.

How the sample or stock will be dispatched ?
We can send the sample or stock via courier for your home delivery, that is also not much costly per pair. If you need the stock to be reached at home directly, then we are ready to send the sample or stock in this way.

How far is your showroom from New Delhi. ?
Just 200 Km. / 3 Hour Driving from the Capital of India, New Delhi.

What is the shipping charges for a single Pc. of Juicer Mixer Grinder / Mixer Grinder ?
The shipping charges for a single Pc. of Juicer Mixer Grinder is $65.

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